480 23rd Street-side entrance

2519 San Pablo

LAZERFEST is a dual-venue collaboration between Oakland and San Francisco artists brought together under the auspices of the newly formed Spontaneous Underground.

The events will include a gallery reception, special screening and special guest performances, along with the launch of three publications organized by Shalo P at Oakland’s Krowswork Gallery.

Krowswork serves as Site A – a gallery setting as the quiet before the storm before eventually moving onto Site B at Bhopal where the night unfolds with live visuals and sounds by an exciting selection of Oakland and San Francisco sound artists, independent publishers, and performance artists skipping hand in hand into the broadcast night.
lights and sounds will abound.
dance with the conceptuals if you dare.

3-5$ donation. no one turned away from lack of funds.

Site A
Krowswork Gallery.
For the kick-off reception Douglas Katelus will astound us with his rendition of the “atom heart mother suite” in synch with the “jupiter nine and beyond the infinite” sequence from 2001: space odyssey, stunningly reinterpreted on a vintage hammond organ.
Oakland performance artist/musician Horaflora will be performing an undisclosed sound set. His works are beautifully delicate affairs that use simple objects likes balloons and small machines to create a soft heaving landscape of tones that rattle, exhale and slowly dissipate.
Bay Area artist Mauricio Ancalmo will also be performing an undisclosed piece for the occasion.

Site B
Bhopal Gallery
Granny Zebra’s WrongDisco
Tears Club
Nuclear Death Wish
Great Willow
First Family
and DJ Primo

We’ll also be releasing new limited edition artists books.

an anthology of black and white knives.
edited by Chris Graybill, Shalo P & Brad Sechel
featuring work by conceptual/sound/video/visual artists tackling the format of the comic strip, wrapped in a lavish cover by Primo Pitino.
Featuring works by:
Danny Espinoza, Mark Mulroney, Keenan Keller, Helen America, Mattew Lock, Andy Burkholder, Chris Graybill, Calvin Trezise, Chaim Bertman, Brad Sechel, Shalo P, Jon Schnepp, Philip Bonner & Orion Martin

drawings by Shalo P & Peter Hurley
edited by Keenan Marshall Keller
full color 36 pages
this new release sees the artists respectively knashing their teeth at their obsessions and desires, tearing inward into depictions of fear, isolation and charming forms of nihilism, revealing a common theme of self-defeating anxiety that propels them into “the spiritual pursuits of the street”. the images collide and play off each other, dancing in full cover spreads and stark black and white pages like twisted visions shared by dreamers on different planes of existence.
DEATH TRIP is ultimately a book for those not content with conventional imagemaking but at ease in shredding beyond its basic fabric into the emotional sparseness and infinite lushness we bear as human beings ruled by strange and powerful desires.

a compendium of errors and games of logic.
by Shalo P
color cover, b/w interior, 44 pages
Shalo P sets the reader for a trip through his series of “funnies” involving various reimaginings of familiar situations drawn into a tapestry of vignettes that are poignant, fantastic, lyrical and at times imbued with a sense of humor that may cause more glimmers of catharsis than laughter. it is chock full of anthropomorphic torture and imagined landscapes that slowly lift the veil to the artist’s subconscious mind. yet the artist is not stifled by these moments of pause.
As Shalo P himself has said – “i’m not ‘ha ha’ funny. i’m ‘did you just say that? that’s not funny’ funny.”

these limited edition books were all made possible by the support of Zebratron Press and Drippy Bone Books, respectively.

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