TOM NEELY & the WOLF – West Coast Tour

Tom Neely is one of those rare dudes whom is genuine, sweet, interesting, radical and talented as all hell. He is one of the best artists working in comix today and continues to prove this with release after release of amazing works.
His previous works include: (all of which can be purchased on his site)
Your Disease Spread Quick: inspired by the music of and made for The Melvins
NEELY Covers Comics to Give You the Creeps!: Reinterpretations of Classic Horror Comic book covers like Eerie and Creepy…
Brilliantly Ham-fisted: a series of comic strips that are as much poetry as they are comic.
Doppelgänger: which i reviewed a while back on this very site…. Popeye feuds with himself over the meaning of life….
the blot: a fully realized graphic novel full of some of the best poetic imagery and beautiful line work i have seen.
as well as being 1 part of the force of nature that is IGLOO TORNADO, whom put out the much beloved, HENRY & GLENN FOREVER.

Now, his newest,THE WOLF, might just be the best thing he's done so far.

A dense, highly stimulating work that flows from single paneled page to single paneled page in a fluid rush, almost a slide show representation of a dream…. Beautifully painted images swelling with lust and fear, detailed with tight lines and a controlled fury signifying to the reader that there is more than just cool images at play here…  As in some of his other works the central theme seems to be the uncontrollable nature of love and lust and how such feelings manifest and come to fruition in glorious and sometimes haunting ways….

I have no tongue, nor the critical mind to breakdown this work and to give it its proper due, but what i can say with all certainty is that i love The Wolf, Tom Neely is a talent to be reckoned with, and is an all around awesome dude.

This month Tom Neely will be touring the west coast with The Wolf.  Please go out and support him. Buy the book and chat with him.  You 'll be happy you did.





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SF Zinefest (the awesome shit i got there!)

So last weekend i went to the 2 day San Fransisco Zine Fest and it was pretty rad. of course it took little to no photos and even if i did, they'd mostly be from behind my booth where i nervously stood for hours on end awkwardly trying not to hover over the patrons (which i failed at), so instead of images from the actual event i just want to share with you some of the best zines/comics i got from the event!  There was some really fucking great shit!

First off let start with some of the best shit. ZFA Works and their booth was full of some amazing releases! They are the creators of zebratron, a strange and funny comic about a zebra w/ a humanoid face, 6 legs, a ginger mustache and a battleaxe for a tail. Its good times.

One of their newest releases COSMIC BUMMER FUNNIES by SHALO P (who’s work you can also see in DBB’s DEATH TRIP) is one of the best things I’ve read in forever!

So fucking good. Hilarious, absurdist, freakshow strips of comic lunacy form to create moments of pure expression and had me laughing out loud in bed after the 1st day of the fest. A must fucking have. Printed on news print it conjures feeling of reading Sunday funnies as a kid if as a kid you were heavy into psychotropics and feared vengence from anthropomorphic ducks…. Anyway you should own this.

Also new from ZFAWorks is LINE LAND a anthology of freak comic artists all doing their thang.  I must disclose I am in this zine/comic, but trust me when I say that this shit is pretty rad.

Featuring Peter Hurley, Philip R. Bonner, Shalo P, Calvin Trezise, Helen America, Jon Schnepp, Danny Espinoza, Chaim Bertman, Christopher Graybill, Matthew Lock, Mark Mulroney, Keenan Marshall Keller, Andy Burkholder, Orion Martin. Cover by Primo Pitino.

Dodgeball by Danny Espinoza

It is a solid creation; 56 pages of weirdness which begs to be seen. Check it out!

Speaking of SHALO P & Peter Grey Hurley, here’s a picture of them (one of the whooping 3 whole pictures I took w/my cam).

Shalo is in the Galactic Breadown Tee (good taste), pete’s the other one.  Showing off our newest classic DEATH TRIP.  It was really great to see these dudes and hang some.Irish coffee and bullshit with new bros… Like Shalo said, “brothers from another mother…”

Peter also hooked me up with his new zine he did with Ava Rosen

and possibly my favorite T-shirt of all times….

Continuing with ZFA Works; I also was blown away by a series of weird mini comics of different formats lining their table. Each with brilliant line work and frightfully amazing images with Japanese text.  Just look at these bellow…

These are the comix of Jiro Ishikawa… whom I loved before but now I would drink his blood to steal some of his juju if I could. These books are amazing! So densely packed with line, contrast and graphic details… these are like my dream comics….. weird and beautiful.


As I wondered the rest of the fest I saw a few familiar faces along the way, Malachi Ward had his booth set up with his books and some of the original art which I looked through and was rad but was not smart enough to photo, but I did buy his newest, split comic: SWEET DREAMS/TOP FIVE.

The comic is split meaning it has 2 covers and each comic ends in the middle of the book. 

I just love his simple lines that convey so much. Once again focusing on sci-fi/alien themes, he doesn’t disappoint with either or the stories within. His commix UTU and the EXPANSION Series are really fucking good.

I also ran into my comic/zine fest bro Jose Gabriel Angeles who is still killing it. 

I hooked up with a couple of his Happy World of Love zines which I had neglected to get in the past as well as a new shirt!


He makes the best shirts… I am a huge fan of his abandon and sick wit.

Man I got so much rad shit, I gotta do some drive by looks at a few.


This one was from a lovely girl, Courtney Cassidy whom traded with me for her zine and her cd. She also gave me a print which I have yet to take a picture of.  The zine is full of color photography of “lake-fun” (American flags, backflips, tube’n, and sunshine) and is quite nice.

From my home gurl, a’misa chiu comes her newest works in the realms of digital and handmade collage. GLITTERBYTE

Check out her stuff at Eyeball Burp, they have some nice publications.

Got this cool zine as a last minute trade with some dude. Its not his zine its his friends… Its 2 separate books. One must hold together to get the full image. Cool idea and some of the work inside is nice too.

Studio JFISH brings us Junque Land.

Manga-esque images of gator bitches, wolf twats, and voluptuous hippo/mayan masked gals fucking and getting fucked. Nuff’ said.

At the hamburger eyes booth they had several hamburger eyes issues as well as paper zines of art collected into volumes by artist.

Really fucking cool to finally see a large collection of these artists at once to really appreciate their styles and eye. I bought the  &  zines. They were my favs.


Teen-Age Wet Dream! By andrea sonnenberg

fuck i got so much shit while there, i'm sorry i can photo them all and break'em down but i'd be doing it for hours, sooo… This is gonna be it for my "coverage" of the SF ZIne Fest. Going back next year for sure.  But before i go i want to share one more thang with you. When we got home from the Zinefest i had a package waiting for me from Kansas City.

 Inside were 2 awesome comix i had ordered sometime ago and had forgotten about….  

Alex Schuberts THE DUDES & The BLOBBY BOYS

I did not get these at the SF ZInefest but i feel like The Blobby Boys is the best/funniest comic i have read all year. and i love Schuberts' aesthetic and color palette. These are both really rad. You should buy them

You should look up and buy most of the zines/comix i have put up here…

I had a blast at SF Zinefest and now my sites are set on the L.A. Zinefest coming in FEB 2012! More updates on that as they come available.  

MORE POSTINGS TOO COME + a theme to our website(we hope)


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Drippy Bone Books @ SPX

Drippy Bone Books will be represented at SPX by our gracious and awesome friend, Tom Neely at his i will destroy you booth. He is also distro-ing several other notable titles as well as his own amazing works, including his latest masterwork THE WOLF (which if you haven't seen, do yourself a favor and get it now). DBB on the east coast thanks to Tom!  More of Tom Nelly & i will destroy to come in future posts.

Thanks Tom!

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A Review of Drippy Bone Books by Issac Linder

Static 001 (EP): Extended Review of Drippy Bone Books

I met Mario Zoots before having any idea that he was involved with the cottage-industry Drippy Bone Books. Due to his complexion and precisely combed black hair and our shared affinity for pugs, meeting him is like reading an autobiography of yourself in a smoke-stained room without ever having to open the cover – simply by gazing at it – before realizing that you are far too young to have ever considered the thought of writing an autobiography. Eventually, I was slow to realize, the books were disbursed in the most apparently insignificant ways, and that activated both the most complex and most mundane forms of reading, (books that produced their own chiaroscuro after the longest interval of time, passing from hand-to-hand sub- or ultra- culturally as a form of radio transmission or predictive texting knitted into warp and weft of the page) were more often than not of his own imprint.

A Drippy Bone Book does not intervene in one's to read it but acts instead on a more intuitive level of animal magnetism. You can hold one of these books, or not. On the surface they are modest, archaic forms of a codec, which is to say, "a video compresses itself and thereby learns to reproduce" or, a puddle of blood forgets it is being filmed or drawn and in doing so forgets itself from the scene in which it was imagined. Their ephemera (chapbooks, zines, postcards, broadsides &c.) are wet sites within which all of the language that was used to compose a version of the novel in the late 19th century has evaporated or congealed into an array of post-, pre-, and para- lingual strategies that come to compose something that is in fact not language at all but rather books disguising themselves variably as: short films, mainstream interior lighting fixtures, trash, JPEGs, a subtitle without a screen to attach itself to, stained glass, or any various foodstuffs, scintillating for a moment in their own aromatic juices. Just as quickly, one of their publications will vanish like a monster one thought one had seen out of the corner of one's eye but which was actually an incredibly delayed artifact of childhood made out of paper– sitting on the bedside table or next to the sink in a house that you have a vague memory of having once dined at.
In this way, what any book that Mario Zoots, or Travis, or Shannon, or Natalie, or Kristy, or Keenan, or John, or David, or Daniel, or Brittany, or Brian, or – Actually – has been involved with, what all of these books demonstrate is the monstrosity of their own thought and the eventual unraveling of their logic. Effectively, the internal organs of reading and subvocalization erase or anesthetize themselves through a series of post-hallucinogenic practices that are not collage, but rather aligned patternings that script themselves endlessly by turning the volume of the text outward into a fax machine into a gallery space my mother tells me she visited in the 1970's while she was preoccupied sewing leaves together, which is another form of bookmaking or TV color bars or a highly compressed form of overheard conversation.

Every page in a Drippy Bone publication should be assumed to be numbered algorithmically, whereby, whenever you read a certain page you are also reading 15 pages ahead of it and three pages prior to to the page you believed yourself to be reading, which, upon closer inspection turns out to simply be a hyperlink to any number of various, outmoded social networking sites (Friendster, Bahu, Mugshot, Pownce, eConozco, &c.). These sites, being high-resolution resemblances of cemeteries, are the sites without which those involved in Drippy Bone Books could not exist. In other words, I ask Yahoo! Answers, "what is a Drippy Bone?" and the answer, which is a screenshot of a Youtube comment posted by user PabloPlacebo 6 hours ago, reads: "it looks much like if it was made with a computer, although computers did not even exist in 1920's." It has not received any thumbs up or thumbs down. Alternately, it is a dream a close friend in Oakland, California tells me of in which the avant-garde composer Anthony Braxton is mistaken for a giant ankh pendant or gold-plated weed leaf necklace.

The books, in their meager size and hence minimal fluctuation of room temperature, predict a mass of all of the language in any given newspaper existing in one soft block and defy geography, negating the map of itself which is made through its own craft: recto, verso undifferentiated from checking your email or eating a frozen microwave dinner. Drippy Bone Books ask, "what would happen if the room in which this book is sitting took ecstasy?" and induces the response that “Mystery qualifies the Multiple because the Multiple has changed.”

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DBB at SF ZIne Fest!!!

This weekend

10th Annual San Francisco Zine Fest

September 3 + 4, 2011

11am – 6pm
San Francisco County Fair BLDG
1199 9th Ave and Lincoln Way
in Golden Gate Park
over 100 vendors!!!! 2 days of art, zines, and comix!!!! If you are in Oakland or SF please come by and say hello, i(Keenan Marshall Keller) will be running a booth both days. This is going to be awesome.
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480 23rd Street-side entrance

2519 San Pablo

LAZERFEST is a dual-venue collaboration between Oakland and San Francisco artists brought together under the auspices of the newly formed Spontaneous Underground.

The events will include a gallery reception, special screening and special guest performances, along with the launch of three publications organized by Shalo P at Oakland’s Krowswork Gallery.

Krowswork serves as Site A – a gallery setting as the quiet before the storm before eventually moving onto Site B at Bhopal where the night unfolds with live visuals and sounds by an exciting selection of Oakland and San Francisco sound artists, independent publishers, and performance artists skipping hand in hand into the broadcast night.
lights and sounds will abound.
dance with the conceptuals if you dare.

3-5$ donation. no one turned away from lack of funds.

Site A
Krowswork Gallery.
For the kick-off reception Douglas Katelus will astound us with his rendition of the “atom heart mother suite” in synch with the “jupiter nine and beyond the infinite” sequence from 2001: space odyssey, stunningly reinterpreted on a vintage hammond organ.
Oakland performance artist/musician Horaflora will be performing an undisclosed sound set. His works are beautifully delicate affairs that use simple objects likes balloons and small machines to create a soft heaving landscape of tones that rattle, exhale and slowly dissipate.
Bay Area artist Mauricio Ancalmo will also be performing an undisclosed piece for the occasion.

Site B
Bhopal Gallery
Granny Zebra’s WrongDisco
Tears Club
Nuclear Death Wish
Great Willow
First Family
and DJ Primo

We’ll also be releasing new limited edition artists books.

an anthology of black and white knives.
edited by Chris Graybill, Shalo P & Brad Sechel
featuring work by conceptual/sound/video/visual artists tackling the format of the comic strip, wrapped in a lavish cover by Primo Pitino.
Featuring works by:
Danny Espinoza, Mark Mulroney, Keenan Keller, Helen America, Mattew Lock, Andy Burkholder, Chris Graybill, Calvin Trezise, Chaim Bertman, Brad Sechel, Shalo P, Jon Schnepp, Philip Bonner & Orion Martin

drawings by Shalo P & Peter Hurley
edited by Keenan Marshall Keller
full color 36 pages
this new release sees the artists respectively knashing their teeth at their obsessions and desires, tearing inward into depictions of fear, isolation and charming forms of nihilism, revealing a common theme of self-defeating anxiety that propels them into “the spiritual pursuits of the street”. the images collide and play off each other, dancing in full cover spreads and stark black and white pages like twisted visions shared by dreamers on different planes of existence.
DEATH TRIP is ultimately a book for those not content with conventional imagemaking but at ease in shredding beyond its basic fabric into the emotional sparseness and infinite lushness we bear as human beings ruled by strange and powerful desires.

a compendium of errors and games of logic.
by Shalo P
color cover, b/w interior, 44 pages
Shalo P sets the reader for a trip through his series of “funnies” involving various reimaginings of familiar situations drawn into a tapestry of vignettes that are poignant, fantastic, lyrical and at times imbued with a sense of humor that may cause more glimmers of catharsis than laughter. it is chock full of anthropomorphic torture and imagined landscapes that slowly lift the veil to the artist’s subconscious mind. yet the artist is not stifled by these moments of pause.
As Shalo P himself has said – “i’m not ‘ha ha’ funny. i’m ‘did you just say that? that’s not funny’ funny.”

these limited edition books were all made possible by the support of Zebratron Press and Drippy Bone Books, respectively.

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The newest issue in our series of art zines focusing on 3 artists of eclectic styles and varied media shown together in the glorious mess that is WHORE EYES.

WHORE EYES #4 features the works of

Jessie Lowe
Blunt; rough works of id exploding forth like the uncontrollable mouth of a teenager. Anarchistic, punk and raw, nuff said.

Lachlann Rattray
with humor, color and boisterous style, his work leads one thru mindscapes of Looney Tune sickness, adorable quaffed kittens, and melty-faced harbingers of a mutated futures end.

Adam Shaw
Sculpture, photography, drawings, paintings and collage all done with a discipline and a knack for creating the familiar but new, linking to the fading voice or your primitive mind.

it also comes with the 3rd WHORE EYES CD Compilation:

Featuring savage cuts from the underground by:
Longmont Potion Castle (Yes! The one and only!)
Wizzard Sleeve
Mueran Humanos

Static Static

And more…..

16 tracks
80mins of music, pranks calls and madness!

3 zines (2 Full Color/1 B&W)
8pgs each
edition of 101


but wait!
That’s not all!

We have 3 other zines to show you.

The works of Peter Gray Hurley & Shalo P

i’ll let Shalo explain this one to ya”
“this new release sees the artists respectively knashing their teeth at their obsessions and desires, tearing inward into depictions of fear, isolation and charming forms of nihilism, revealing a common theme of self-defeating anxiety that propels them into “the spiritual pursuits of the street”. the images collide and play off each other, dancing in full cover spreads and stark black and white pages like twisted visions shared by dreamers on different planes of existence.
DEATH TRIP is ultimately a book for those not content with conventional imagemaking but at ease in shredding beyond its basic fabric into the emotional sparseness and infinite lushness we bear as human beings ruled by strange and powerful desires.”
- Shalo P on DEATH TRIP

So…you want this right?!!!
Its so good.

Full color
edition of 100


also new…

by John Henry Kelly

John Henry Kelly is a musician (STATIC STATIC, Detonations), writer (LA Record, Mutant Waves), and artist whom is in HUMAN STORAGE.
This is a collection of pencil drawings done while he was/is in an Arizona State Prison.

Densely graphic and psychedelic as fuck, these works are amazing!

edition of 99

and last but not least

a quasi-narrative visual exploration of what it is to be a
weirdo with a hard time expressing yourself…
Really, we have no idea what the fuck this is, but we like it.

edition of 40

orders or questions to


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Galactic Breakdown #3

Roids is back!

Galactic Breakdown #3
a.k.a. Space Battleground 666
The 3rd issue takes Roids to Alien Hitlers Underground Birthday Bash where he meets some new friends, kills dozens, meets his “new” nemesis, enjoys a turkey leg and finds his bliss!

The day-glo world of stoopid, violent glee and bad-ass-ary continues!
get your copy today!

order @


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the ALCHEMY of appropriation the SCIENCE of visual theft and the NEW COLLAGE

the ALCHEMY of appropriation
the SCIENCE of visual theft

a collection featuring 6 mind-melting artists whom all work in the different realms of collage…
Carmen Burguess, Kristy Foom, Christopher Ilth, Gordon Magnin, OWLEYES, and Mario Zoots

Full Color
40 pages,
6.5 x 9.5 inches
hand number edition of 88


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‘Single White Female’ by Kristy Foom

Kristy Foom’s new zine Single White Female released June 2011 in a edition of 40. The zine was made in support of Kristys new Expo at Subbacultcha of the same title.

More info

From June 3 on there will be a new exhibition in the Subbacultcha! project space. This time by multi talent Kristy Fenton. Kristy Fenton aka Kristy Foom from Denver is a musician / artist who lives and works in Amsterdam. Fenton makes films, collages and photo’s, and since 2007 she publishes art books under the name ‘Drippy Bone Books’. Apart from that together with Mario Zoots and Kamran Khan she embodies the band Modern Witch. Fenton is part of ‘Licker Licence’, an international touring ‘all-female art show’ as well.

Because of her variety of talents Fenton is the perfect featured artist for our June edition of Subbacultcha! magazine: The Doom Issue. Her exhibition named SWF (named after the movie Single White Female, 1992), shows us a selection of her doomy but light and playful collages. Next to the collages you’ll find her video art and some Drippy Bone Books on display.

Come over and have a look!

‘SWF’ will be displayed for three weeks from 7 till 24 June at our project space at the Da Costakade. Entrance is free.

The opening will take place on June 3, from 5 till 9pm. RSVP only. Wanna come? please send an e-mail to .

Exhibition: ‘SWF’ By Kristy Foom
7 June 2011 – 24 June 2011
Tuesday till Friday from 11.00 till 17.00
Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam
Free entrance, feel free to walk in.

The opening will take place on June 3, from 5 till 9pm. RSVP only. Wanna come? please send us an .

7 June 2011 – 24 June 2011
Tuesday till Friday from 11.00 till 17.00
Da Costakade 150, Amsterdam
Free entrance, feel free to walk in.

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