TOM NEELY & the WOLF – West Coast Tour

Tom Neely is one of those rare dudes whom is genuine, sweet, interesting, radical and talented as all hell. He is one of the best artists working in comix today and continues to prove this with release after release of amazing works.
His previous works include: (all of which can be purchased on his site)
Your Disease Spread Quick: inspired by the music of and made for The Melvins
NEELY Covers Comics to Give You the Creeps!: Reinterpretations of Classic Horror Comic book covers like Eerie and Creepy…
Brilliantly Ham-fisted: a series of comic strips that are as much poetry as they are comic.
Doppelgänger: which i reviewed a while back on this very site…. Popeye feuds with himself over the meaning of life….
the blot: a fully realized graphic novel full of some of the best poetic imagery and beautiful line work i have seen.
as well as being 1 part of the force of nature that is IGLOO TORNADO, whom put out the much beloved, HENRY & GLENN FOREVER.

Now, his newest,THE WOLF, might just be the best thing he's done so far.

A dense, highly stimulating work that flows from single paneled page to single paneled page in a fluid rush, almost a slide show representation of a dream…. Beautifully painted images swelling with lust and fear, detailed with tight lines and a controlled fury signifying to the reader that there is more than just cool images at play here…  As in some of his other works the central theme seems to be the uncontrollable nature of love and lust and how such feelings manifest and come to fruition in glorious and sometimes haunting ways….

I have no tongue, nor the critical mind to breakdown this work and to give it its proper due, but what i can say with all certainty is that i love The Wolf, Tom Neely is a talent to be reckoned with, and is an all around awesome dude.

This month Tom Neely will be touring the west coast with The Wolf.  Please go out and support him. Buy the book and chat with him.  You 'll be happy you did.





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